Hotel Valet Arrested After Police Say He Took Reggie Wayne’s Car for Drunken Joy Ride


Reggie WayneIf you’re going to ruin your chances of ever being a hotel valet again, this is the way to go.

An employee at The Westin Hotel in Indianapolis named Gunner Belcher was arrested around 2 a.m. Sunday, according to the Indianapolis Star. His charge? Alleged drunken driving. His means? A Bentley — owned by Colts receiver Reggie Wayne.

Wayne told police he left his Bentley at the hotel at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, but when he returned for the car Sunday morning, the keys and car were both missing. The police, meanwhile, had arrested Belcher and charged him with driving while intoxicated. They towed the Bentley.

A supervisor later told police that Belcher had left work around 9 p.m., Saturday but did not clock out — and it didn’t take long to piece together the details and see why.

When police asked Belcher where he had gotten the car, Belcher said he was Wayne’s “cousin by marriage” (which was pretty quick thinking considering their different ethnicities), according to Wish TV.

Wayne has reportedly gotten his car back. Belcher, meanwhile, was also charged with not wearing a seatbelt.

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