James Harrison Says He’ll Go After Knees With Ban of Helmet-to-Helmet Hits


James HarrisonIt’s no secret that many players in the NFL are upset over the enforcement of the rule against helmet-to-helmet contact. The argument is typically that it’s too difficult to adjust oneself in the midst of throwing a hit, and it isn’t a realistic target to eliminate such hits from the game.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison feels the same way — and might have a rather dangerous way of making his point.

While not explicitly saying he would be targeting opponents’ knees in reaction to the enforcement of helmet-to-helmet contact, he certainly implied it pretty hard. Harrison says that he’s changed his “approach” to hitting, but the results might only be serious short-term injury rather than serious long-term injury.

“I’ve really lowered my target area to where it’s down around the knees,” Harrison told ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning. “Situations come along where you could tackle the guy high. I don’t do that anymore. I tackle the guy low.”

Harrison was the first-ever player suspended under the new rules on hitting, going back one year to December 2011. He gave Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy a concussion on that play, but he points out that he also gave Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker an MCL injury on a low hit, too.

“I could have tackled him high, but if I had hit him high, I probably would have gotten a helmet-to-helmet or something and gotten fined,” said Harrison. “So I hit him low and strained his MCL.”

No doubt Harrison’s trying to make a point with his words, but does he actually intend to injure players? That remains to be seen.

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