Jerry Sandusky Asking for Less Restrictive Prison Conditions, Preparing for Appeal


Jerry SanduskyJerry Sandusky‘s lawyer says his client’s outlook has improved since his sentencing, and Sandusky now wants to talk about post-sentencing motions and appeals. He also hopes that he can move to housing with “less restrictive conditions,” according to The Associated Press.

Lawyer Karl Rominger said he spent a few hours with Sandusky at Green State Prison on Friday, and Sandusky is looking ahead.

“I was meeting with a man who was again ready to press forward, who has regenerated his energies and has clearly devoted his time and energy to perfecting that appeal,” Rominger said, according to the AP. “His fight is 100 percent back.”

One thing Sandusky wants to see change is his being housed under Level 5 inmate conditions, where he is alone for 23 hours or more a day. Rominger says Sandusky, 68, rates as a Level 2 prisoner and should get more privileges, including access to phone calls that will help his appeals process.

“We’re not completely devoid of common sense,” Rominger said. “We understand the prison system is trying to balance their concerns about physical safety. We are just looking for middle ground. … It’s a tough life, Level 5. And I know some people in the public will say, ‘Who cares?’

“But the answer is, I thought we believe in equality in America. And while he’s a convicted sex offender in Pennsylvania, he would like to be treated like every other convicted sex offender.”

Sandusky says he would be safe if he was among the rest of the prisoners, rather than being kept apart for his safety, Rominger said.

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