Jerry York Gets Backing From Players As Boston College Looks to Lift Coach to Wins Record (Video)


Jerry York‘s win total is impressive. What may be even more impressive, though, is the Boston College coach’s impact beyond the bench, where his 924 wins have been accompanied by countless players singing his praises.

Several Boston College players had compliments for their head coach as the team came off its hockey layoff this week. Saturday’s matchup against Alabama-Huntsville isn’t just about the Eagles emerging from their weeks-long hiatus with another victory — it’s also a chance for York to take the record for most wins in college hockey history.

York’s 924 wins have him tied for the record. He’s been in a holding pattern since Dec. 7, when the Eagles tied Providence and missed a chance at breaking the mark. On Saturday night, Boston College gets a chance to push York to the lone spot at 925.

See what several of York’s players had to say about their coach on NESN Daily as another chance at the milestone approached.

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