Jets Fans Burn Mark Sanchez Jerseys While Delivering Unintentionally Hilarious Rant (Video)

So this is where Jets fans are drawing the line in the sand. After years of heartache and embarrassment and getting kicked while they were down over and over again, they’ve finally had enough.

That’s the case for two young Jets fans — they’ve never known anything but losing, really — who finally saw enough in Monday night’s Jets-Titans game. The Jets lost to Tennessee, and in the process, saw their playoff hopes go up in smoke.

Once again, one of the main culprits was Mark Sanchez. The quarterback was awful, having a hand in five turnovers. On Tuesday, lost his job to a seventh-round draft pick quarterback who didn’t even dress on Monday night, as apparently Rex Ryan has finally seen enough.

That performance was enough to lead two young Jets fans to set fire to their No. 6 Sanchez jerseys. See that video below.

Now, there are a couple of questions here that need answering.

  • First of all, why do people burn jerseys? Wouldn’t it make more sense to donate those to goodwill, especially now, in the season of the giving? Of course, utilizing that latter option doesn’t end up on YouTube. When in Rome, right?
  • At one point, the chap on the left tries to make a point that the game had “playoff implications.” Technically, that’s right. But if you thought for a second that the Jets would actually win out, have things fall their way and then make the playoffs, you sir, are … well, a Jets fans, apparently.
  • “Embarrassing, however not as bad as the buttfumble,” may be one of the most Jets sentences ever.
  • This exchange happened, too:
    Guy on the left: “We will now burn these jerseys to express–”
    Guy on the right (interrupting): “Because of the pact that we’ve made…”
    OK, so you guys are going on YouTube. You’re going to burn your jerseys. You’re going to deliver a speech. And yet, you can’t get your lines, right?
  • Then, guy on the right goes into his soliloquy  It’s awesome. It’s like when you’re watching a studio sports or news show on TV and the anchor is looking at the wrong camera. Just so awkward. Maybe his cue cards are over there? So many questions.
  • “After today, I feel nothing. But. Hatred,” says kid who is apparently looking at Camera 1. Are you a robot, bud?
  • “We’ve been Jets fans for 21 years,” guy on the left says. To that, we should ask, shouldn’t you be used to this by now?

So, see you later, Mark Sanchez, and see you later to a pair of jerseys that probably cost these dudes a Benjamin or two.

You can only think that Rex and Mike Tannenbaum wish it was this easy. They’re probably thinking that this is a pretty good idea and are wondering if they can legally do this with Sanchez’s contract.

Fist bump to Larry Brown Sports for passing this along.

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