Karl Malone Rants About Louisiana Tech Missing Out on Bowl Bid, Suggests He Should Run Program


Every college football program has to deal with unhappy alumni.

But few have to deal with the wrath of Karl Malone, who is now threatening to use all 6-foot-9, 250 pounds of himself to turn his former school around.

Malone is peeved that Louisiana Tech reportedly turned down a chance to play in a bowl game after going 9-3 this season. He made good use of his Twitter account Sunday, ripping the program and suggesting that it would be better off if he were at the controls.

Now, while Malone’s rant includes all the usual hallmarks of a disgruntled fan or alum — calling out leadership, suggesting money or personal ambition is what’s causing the problem — the Mailman may have misplaced his ire.

Louisiana Tech football officials are insisting that the reason the Bulldogs won’t be playing further isn’t that the program turned down a bowl game for a more prestigious bid. Instead, the school says the Bulldogs were left out of the BCS conversation altogether. Northern Illinois jumped into the Top 25 this weekend, and the domino effect is what knocked Louisiana Tech out of a bowl, offensive coordinator Tony Franklin said, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Franklin and the rest of the Bulldogs are reportedly just as disappointed as Malone — although their vitriol is aimed at the BCS, not the school.

Louisiana Tech released a statement that denied the school had rejected an “official invitation,” according to Yahoo! Sports. The school is pinning the blame on the BCS and says it’s being penalized for being in a weak conference after Louisiana Tech finished with nine wins.

“When adults are involved, they tend to screw things up,” Franklin said.

On that, he and Malone appear to agree.

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