Toronto Raptors v Minnesota TimberwolvesWord came out Tuesday that Kevin Love was dissatisfied with the Minnesota Timberwolves’ organization. He’s not backing down from the remarks, but he may not air them so publicly next time.

Love has said he is not apologetic about the criticism he doled out about owner Glen Taylor and general manager David Kahn.

Love told Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports that he was unhappy that the Timberwolves did not offer him a maximum, five-year deal. He was also upset the team hadn’t made the playoffs since he had been drafted and that he didn’t see a plan in place to get to the postseason. Love also hinted that he may hold a grudge against Minnesota when he’s allowed to opt out of his contract after 2014-15.

“I meant what I said. I told David there’s nothing to apologize about,” Love said, according to “The only thing I was sorry about is that I did it in public, and if there’s a learning experience from that, it’s not to do that again.”

Love will have a decision to make three years into his extension. He’ll be able to make more money with the Wolves, but if the team is still not a contender, he could move on, as he’s allowed to opt out of his four-year deal. Love said he loves his teammates in Minnesota and even said he’d like to retire as a Timberwolf, but he’s also made it obvious that the culture around the Minnesota organization will need to improve if they want him there beyond 2015.

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