Lakers’ Team Outing to Watch ‘Lincoln’ Tests Bounds of Players’ History Knowledge, Ability to Stay Awake


Hopefully Metta World Peace didn’t take this one too hard.

The Lakers went on a team outing to a movie theater Thursday, watching Lincoln together before Friday night’s big showdown with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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But, while Abraham Lincoln may be one of America’s most well-known presidents, there’s good reason to think that maybe some of the Lakers’ players should have been given a primer before the team settled in to watch. This is the team that includes World Peace, after all — the very player who was quite disappointed when he tried to bring history and hockey together and learned that George Washington had nothing to do with the Stanley Cup.

That fear seemed to be proven correct after Kobe Bryant was asked Friday how his teammates responded to the film.

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Bryant was apparently joking, however.

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That doesn’t mean that the Lakers were giving Lincoln his due, however — apparently, the Canadian citizen among the bunch used the team field trip to catch up on some sleep.

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One can guess that the reason the Lakers saw Lincoln was because of the deeper lessons the past president provides on bridging gaps and bringing disparate sides together for a common goal. But, then again, that’s a pretty deep lesson if guys don’t know who Lincoln is to start with.

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— Stephen Jackson, on the Malice in the Palace incident between the Pacers and Pistons from November 2004

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Patrick Kane apologizes for the lockout — but not for the lid he’s wearing.

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