Magic Johnson Says Paul Pierce is ‘Little Brother,’ ‘One of the Greatest That’s Ever Played the Game’


Paul Pierce, Chris WilcoxOn Friday, former enemy Magic Johnson was giving out praise in heaps to current Celtics players.

Sitting down for a lengthy interview with ESPN and ABC (compiled by Sports Media News), Johnson touched on all sorts of subjects. Everything from Christmas day games to the Dodgers to ESPN’s new NBA studio was on the table.

First, Johnson called Rajon Rondo the “best all-around” point guard in the NBA, throwing in the caveat that Deron Williams and Chris Paul may be better “pure” point guards. Then Johnson threw some praise Paul Pierce‘s way, as well, hot on the heels of his 40 points against Cleveland on Wednesday.

“Yeah, Paul is like a little brother,” said Johnson. “I’ve played pickup games with Paul when he was up‑and‑coming, so it’s great to see him put all that work in himself to make himself one of the greatest that’s ever played the game.”

Johnson specifically praised Pierce’s ability to score many different ways, saying that’s how he’s been able to remain an effective NBA player for so long. The question that prompted Johnson’s lauding of Pierce was in regards to Pierce growing up a Lakers fan.

So, as Paul Pierce winds down his Hall of Fame career, he certainly has the approval of his all-time great peers.

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