Mickael Pietrus Inadvertently Stumbles Into NHL Segment, Tells World ‘We Want to Watch Hockey’ (Video)


With Canada’s national pastime on hold professionally for who knows how long, the country’s lone NBA team has been getting a little more attention — that is, as a way to talk about there being no hockey.

Comedian Gerry Dee busted out his sports skills and visited the Raptors this week, talking to Toronto star Jose Calderon about the NHL lockout. But the interview took a far more interesting turn when the ever-entertaining Mickael Pietrus, who played for the Celtics last year, turned up on camera.

It turns out Pietrus was surprised to find Dee sitting in his locker as he interviewed Calderon. Pietrus wasn’t too flustered, though, and complimented Dee on the upgrade.

“It’s always good to be Mickael Pietrus for a day,” Pietrus said.

While that could have been the end of it, Pietrus circled back around to give his own — albeit uninformed — view on the lockout.

“Even though I don’t like hockey, we want to watch hockey,” he pleaded.

You can’t argue with this man’s reasoning, and it’s just nice to see Pietrus out and about again, with the Celtics’ locker room less vibrant now that the Frenchman has moved on. Check out his guest appearance in the video below.

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