Miroslav Satan Says Friendship With Zdeno Chara Is Over After Big Hits From Big Defenseman (Video)


Miorslav Satan, Zdeno CharaZdeno Chara and Miroslav Satan have built a friendship over the years as a pair of Slovakian hockey players thriving in the NHL. They were teammates in international competition, and they were even teammates a few years back with the Bruins.

Whatever friendship they might have had, however, is over — at least in Satan’s eyes.

The veteran forward is steamed and upset with Chara after the mammoth defenseman laid Satan out twice in a November game in Europe. The hits left Satan with some pretty serious neck injuries, and he’s not letting that go.

See the hits in the video below.

“I have played hockey for 30 years,” Satan said after the game, according to the KHL’s official YouTube page. “I can tell a clean hit from a bad one. If it would have been a bad one, I wouldn’t be cut.”

Czech TV announcer Roman Jedlicka had the lowdown on Twitter surrounding the developing feud, as he translated this interview with Satan (with a big time stick tap to @RearAdmiral on Twitter for passing these along).

The first hit is a bit questionable, perhaps, as the hit could be viewed as a little bit late. The second hit, though, is all on Satan. You simply cannot skate through the neutral zone with your head down, even if it is a KHL game and one of your good buddies is on the other side of the ice.

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