NHL-NHLPA Negotiations Suffer Major Breakdown, Casting Even More Doubt Over Season (Video)


Hockey fans have been riding a roller coaster of emotions throughout the NHL lockout. Thursday represented the biggest drop yet.

Fans were glued to social media on Thursday night as NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr took the podium and expressed a sense of optimism about the negotiations between the players and owners. At that point, it was hard to not get excited that hockey could soon be back.

However, just as quickly as the pessimism turned to optimism, a major sense of doubt settled in.

Shortly after Fehr stepped down from the podium, he returned to share the bad news that the owners had rejected the union’s proposal, thus casting further doubt over this season. As it stands, it’s hard to imagine hockey being played in the near future, so perhaps we should all get used to it.

Check out the video above from NESN Daily to experience Thursday’s wild roller-coaster ride.

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