Paul Pierce, Will Middlebrooks, Mitt Romney Shocked by Manny Pacquiao’s Loss to Juan Manuel Marquez


All eyes turned to the boxing world Saturday night, with popular fighter Manny Pacquiao expected to triumph again over Juan Manuel Marquez and set up the fight everyone wants to see, against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But it was not to be.

Marquez landed the punch of his life in the sixth round, knocking out Pacquiao and stunning the many people watching the fight.

While much of social media decided to mock how Pacquiao landed facedown after getting nailed (they’re calling it “Pacquiaoing,” like “planking”), we decided a brief sampling of a couple of the locals’ responses was more tasteful.

Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks was watching and working on his puns.

Celtics star Paul Pierce was ready for the fight from the beginning, even after Boston held off the Sixers at home, although we’re not sure what he meant by “crakin.”

While Pierce won’t have his hopes for Mayweather-Pacquiao fulfilled, he did suggest an alternative — and more than one person on Twitter thought maybe he was talking about teammate Avery Bradley (who would need more rehab time, considering he just had double shoulder surgery).

But while Boston’s own were certainly entertaining as they watched the fight, no one can beat the response of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who redefined “shocked” with his reaction.

Mitt Romney

In Romney’s defense, he probably thought the pregame pep talk he gave Pacquiao would spirit him to victory, just as Romney was pretty optimistic about being the next president. Shockers all around.

Photo via Twitter/@BryanAGraham

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