Ray Bourque Uses Outing With Charlie Moore to Critique Fisherman’s Wrist Action (Video)


Ray Bourque was a great hockey player. Fishing? Now, that’s a different story.

Bourque was skating on thin ice when he decided to head out to the pond with Charlie Moore recently, but the duo soon found good use for Bourque’s sharp eyes. Bourque critiqued Charlie’s wrist action as he cast his line — and he even had thoughts about Charlie’s hair. The two found plenty to talk about.

“As a kid, I always watched No. 77, Ray Bourque, of the Boston Bruins,” Charlie said.

This weekend, you have a chance to watch Bourque, too, as he and Charlie take their talents to water. Bourque is making an appearance on Charlie Moore Outdoors on NESN this Sunday at 12:30 p.m., with a special encore performance at 7.

To get a taste of what’s coming, check out the video above.

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