Report: NHL Makes Offer to NHLPA With Movement on Key Issues


The NHL and NHLPA might have appeared to be entering radio silence over the holidays, but it turns out the two sides could have been in contact after all.

Despite a lack of formal talks between the owners and players’ union over Christmas, ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun is reporting that the league made an offer to the players on Thursday, with movement toward the union on some key negotiating issues.

The proposal reportedly includes a six-year term limit for contracts (or seven years when teams are re-signing players), which is up from the league’s previous offer of five-year limits. Additionally, the league’s inclusion of the $300 million in make-whole money is significant because the owners had previously threatened to take that offer off the negotiating table.

The offer also includes a buyout provision that would not count against the salary cap, according to LeBrun.

Stay tuned, indeed.

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