Report: NHLPA ‘Overwhelmingly’ Votes to Give Executive Board Authority to Disclaim Interest


Donald Fehr: Sidney CrosbyThe NHLPA’s days could be numbered.

The players have overwhelmingly voted to give the union’s executive board authority to disclaim interest if it should choose to do so, according to multiple reports on Friday.

That means that the union could effectively dissolve, at which point the players would file anti-trust lawsuits against the NHL and sue for triple the damages incurred in lost wages during the lockout.

While it sounds drastic, it is an altogether unexpected move for the players to make. The league preemptively sued the NHLPA last Friday, asking a judge to confirm the legality of the lockout. The NBA and NFL also had similar situations play out briefly, before both leagues reached agreements and avoided a full-out battle in the courtrooms.

The NHL cancelled another slate of games on Thursday, wiping out all games scheduled through Jan. 14.

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