Report: Tim Tebow Feels Misled by Jets, Was Told He Would Get Chance to Start

Mark Sanchez Tim TebowWith all the media scrutiny surrounding Tim Tebow throughout his NFL career, sometimes it’s hard to separate Tebow the person from Tebow the headline. Combine the saturation of all things Tebow with his overly positive persona, and it can be easy to forget Tebow’s feelings in this season’s Jets quarterback controversy.

Tebow feels misled by the Jets, according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports. Tebow was told he would get a chance to start if something happened to Mark Sanchez and that hasn’t been the case. Sanchez likely should have been benched months ago, and now that he finally has, the keys have been handed to Greg McElroy.

Tebow has received just 76 snaps on offense all season. Sanchez topped that total in three separate games this year. Tebow led the Broncos to a 7-4 record last season in just 11 starts, while Sanchez led the Jets this year to a 6-8 record in 14.

It’s obvious the Jets don’t want to use Tebow as an every-down quarterback, nor as even an occasional weapon. What isn’t clear is why the Jets acquired Tebow in the first place, unless it was purely to steal press away from their in-town rivals, the Giants.

It would be surprising to see Tebow back with the Jets next season — and that decision might be best for both parties.

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