The impact of the horrific school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School was felt far beyond Newtown, Conn. The tragedy has caused tears and tough questions, but it has also motivated people to take a stand against gun violence.

One of those stands is being taken by Dime magazine, a niche basketball publication out of New York City. In response to gun violence not just at the Newtown school but in cities and towns across the country, Dime has taken to selling T-shirts with the slogan, “Shoot Jumpers, Not Guns.”

“It’s not as if we expect the violence to go away,” explains Sean Sweeney on “We just want to see improvement. Dime magazine will always be about celebrating the roots of the game, and because of that, we are committed to ending the violence that has hit our cities, basketball courts and community.”

According to Dime, 100 percent of the profits go toward refurbishing basketball courts, providing free clinics in urban areas, providing security for existing leagues and promoting literacy.

Until last week, the T-shirts were styled in the team colors of various cities’ NBA teams. After the Newtown shooting, a shirt in the colors of the Connecticut state flag was added to the store.

Check out the T-shirt below.

Shoot Jumpers Not Guns

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