Top 10 Ridiculous College Bowl Games Include Military Bowl Without Military Teams, Random Sponsors Galore (Photos)


Bell HelicopterCollege football bowl season is here, and that means that for every one game that matters, there are 34 other bowl games with absolutely nothing at stake for either school, besides a nice payday for the conference.

Of course, some of the games turn out to be entertaining nonetheless, as fans get a chance to see a matchup that they otherwise wouldn’t between one team thrilled to be playing somewhere and another that can’t believe they have to play there, too.

In the end, it’s football, and the games can all serve as an escape from talking to relatives around the holidays. One of the topics that might come up, too, is how ridiculous some of the bowl game names are.

Whether it’s a random sponsor, a non sequitur matchup or just general NCAA shenanigans afoot, there’s plenty to gripe about this bowl season.

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