Vote: Who Is to Blame for the Latest Breakdown in NHL Talks?


NHL Labor HockeyWas this really so unexpected?

Negotiations between the NHL and the Players’ Association broke down one more time on Thursday. This comes on the heels of bargaining sessions between a group of only players and owners — without the interference of other leaders in the talks — which looked to have yielded some serious progress between the two sides.

Well, scratch that.

The NHLPA’s proposal to the owners was flatly rejected on Thursday, leaving the sides at an impasse once again. It goes without saying that hope for an actual season is on life support at this point.

Not only did the owners reject the proposal, but they pulled key facilitating elements of their own proposal off the table. It would seem talks are going backwards at this point.

But who is to blame? That is the query we pose to you in Thursday’s NESN Daily poll.

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