AHL All-Star Game Live in Providence on NESNplus at 7 p.m. Monday, Find Your TV Listings Here


2013-ahl-all-star-whiteThis year the AHL All-Star Game will be happening in Providence, but if by any chance you can’t make it down to Rhode Island on Monday, Jan. 28, never fear, for NESNPlus has you covered.

NESN will be live at the Dunkin Donuts Center with all the action, with the game itself capping off four days of festivities beginning on the 25th. So while the Bruins will be live on NESN the evening of the 28th, you’ll also have the option of switching over to NESNPlus to watch the NHL’s next crop of stars before they hit the big time.

Check out the grid below for a complete list of television providers and corresponding channels to see how you can catch the AHL All-Star Game on NESNPlus.

Channel listings subject to change.

AT&T Uverse 713 1713
Cablevision 99 Unavailable
Charter 340 760
Cox** Unavailable 1300
Metrocast 51 430
Thames Valley Communications 90.6 HD and no converter 97 with HD converter
Xfinity 84 1650
Bee Line Cable ? Millinocket 19 TBD
Bee Line Cable ? Madison & Wilton 20 TBD
MetroCast 77 Unavailable
TWC** Unavailable 700
Xfinity 84 894
BELD 24 763
Charter 340 760
Cox** Unavailable 1300
Norwood 27 627
RCN 8 600
Russell 56 Unavailable
SELCO 63 363
TWC** Unavailable 700
Verizon FiOS 78 Unavailable
XFinity 84 894
Charter 340 760
MetroCast 77 Unavailable
MCT Cable 13 Unavailable
TWC** Unavailable 700
Xfinity 84 894
Cox** Unavailable 1300
Full Channel 80 80
Verizon FiOS 78 Unavailable
Burlington Telecom 38 Unavailable
Charter 340 760
Southern VT 512 109-7
Stowe 117 597
Trans-Video 25 Unavailable
Waitsfield 11 211
Xfinity 84 894
DIRECTV 629 629-1
Dish Network 441 441 & 9579
Technical limitations prevent some service providers from being able to carry NESNplus and/or NESNplus HD
*NESNplus HD may not be available in all areas
**Available in HD only
NESNplus requires a digital device to view If you watch NESN on Comcast but can?t see NESNplus channel 84, it may be because you need a digital set-top box or digital adapter on your television or CableCARD-equipped device.  A digital set-top box is available for as low as $1.95 per month and a digital adapter is available for $1.99 per month.  Visit your local Comcast service center to pick one up (click here to find the closest location) .  For answers to additional questions, please call 1-800-COMCAST or chat live online here with a representative.
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