Andre Wisdom ‘Honored’ to Sign New Liverpool Contract, Hopes to Continue Making Progress


Andre WisdomAs the ink was still drying on his new long-term Reds contract, Andre Wisdom sat down with at Melwood to explain why committing his future to the club was an easy decision to make. Andre, congratulations — how does it feel to sign a new long-term deal with Liverpool Football Club?

Wisdom: Thank you. It’s a great honor to sign a new contract at the club and I’m very happy. How does it feel to commit your future to one of the biggest clubs in world football at the age of just 19?

Wisdom: It was an easy decision to make — as soon as they offered it to me, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands because it’s a great club and I just want to continue to play for Liverpool. 14 first-team appearances so far this season — are you happy with the progress you’ve made?

Wisdom: I am happy so far and hopefully I can progress more in the second half of the season and continue to keep playing. But yeah, I’m happy. Still plenty of hard work ahead for you, though …

Wisdom: Yes, definitely. There’s so much hard work [ahead]. There is big competition within the team and everyone wants to play football. I just hope I can keep progressing and continue in the way I have been. How much of an influence has Brendan Rodgers been on you since he arrived at the club, both on and off the pitch?

Wisdom: The manager has been brilliant. He gave me my debut in the Europa League, my Premier League debut and my cup debut, so he’s been a great help. Off the pitch, he’s given good advice to the likes of myself and a few others, so he’s been a great influence on me. How much confidence has the faith Brendan has been willing to instill in the young players given you?

Wisdom: It’s always good when the manager gives us the opportunity to go and play. We have to show both him and the fans what we can do. With regards to your teammates, playing and training alongside the likes of Jamie Carragher, Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel, how much has that helped you?

Wisdom: I’ve said on many occasions that they are a great help and there’s a lot to learn from them, and also from the likes of [Glen] Johnson and [Jose] Enrique. Playing alongside those players, you can only get better. Do you think you’ve improved since you broke into the first team?

Wisdom: Yes, definitely. I think I am improving every day in training and then when you play, there’s always room for improvement. Even just watching from the bench, there are things you can learn and pick up. What would you say the hardest challenge has been for you so far since getting into the first team?

Wisdom: To keep humble because you can get carried away thinking, ‘I’m in the first team’, and start relaxing. You’ve got to keep going and there is always room for improvement. You have to work hard in training, continue to do the right things, prepare well and try to get better. That competition in training must really keep everyone on their toes …

Wisdom: Yes, definitely. In training, everyone gets on really well, we all want to win and so there’s a good tempo and everyone is working really hard to try and get selected for the weekend. That’s good — you need that in the team. You’ve been at Liverpool for a few years now and progressed through the Academy. How grateful are you for the support the club have given you?

Wisdom: I am so thankful to everybody at the club. I’ve had big help from the managers of the reserve and youth teams, such as the likes of Rodolfo [Borrell]. He’s helped me in the reserve team so I have to give big credit to him. So yes, I have to give a lot of thanks to everyone. Did your Academy days give you a good grounding for the first team?

Wisdom: Definitely. It was good at the Academy — everyone got along well and we went away on some good tournaments and things like that. They were good experiences to prepare you for when you do hopefully make the step up. A new long-term contract, a regular in the first-team squad and an England U21 international … what’s next for Andre Wisdom?

Wisdom: Just to continue playing football, keep learning and hopefully play well, get selected and keep progressing. Finally, a word on the Liverpool fans — what has their support meant to you?

Wisdom: It’s massive. When you’re playing at Anfield or away, the support they give you is unreal. They continue to give you praise and tell you keep going, so I have to say a big thanks to them.

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