Brent Musburger Creepily Ogles AJ McCarron’s Miss Alabama Girlfriend, Who Gains 40,000 Twitter Followers (Video)


In any championship, there are inevitably all sorts of storylines which come out through the media that have little or nothing to do with the actual game at hand. This year, perhaps the most prevalent extracurricular story to come out of college football’s national championship was the story of Alabama quarterback’s AJ McCaron‘s significant other.

You see, McCaron is dating a young woman named Katherine Webb, otherwise known as Miss Alabama 2012. While it’s nothing new to see a popular quarterback end up with an attractive girlfriend, the public prestige of both parties ensured that their relationship was sure to be noticed and talked about in the context of the Crimson Tide.

Well, ESPN announcer Brent Musburger certainly noticed Miss Webb.

During the first quarter of the Alabama-dominated championship, the camera (of course) finally caught up with Webb in the stands, sitting next to McCaron’s mother. Now, showing a significant other in the seats is nothing new, but Musburger certainly took the opportunity to do some expert analysis, lingering for a little too long on the subject of Webb’s physical beauty.

For the record, the age difference between Musburger and Webb is 50 years, which just added to the awkwardness of the whole scene.

Despite all the unwanted attention, perhaps one positive thing did come out of the incident for Webb. During the first half of the game, multiple reports have stated that Webb gained more than 40,000 followers on Twitter due to her newfound popularity.

But, if you’d like to focus on the creepy part of the evening, you can check out a video below.

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