Baseball Hall of FameThe votes are in, and baseball’s Hall of Fame will not be opening its doors to a fresh crop of players this year.

This year’s ballot has been one of the most talked about in years as many notable “Steroid Era” players wound up on it for the first time.

With Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and the like not getting the nod, it would be an appropriate time to note that despite the “sins” against baseball these players might have committed, nobody is perfect.

That’s on full display at Cooperstown already, with a motley crew of players from the past enshrined despite some serious character flaws. Whether accused of being racist, throwing games or just flat-out cheating, baseball’s Hall of Fame has plenty of members who could arguably fail the “character” test just as easily as anyone who did steroids.

Still, they’re in the Hall, enshrined as a part of the game’s history for better or for worse.

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