Football-Carrying Cameraman Channels Inner Adrian Peterson, Runs Over Female TV Reporter (Video)


January 7, 2013

Lee Valsvik probably didn’t expect to have to make any open-field tackles when she arrived on the scene at a local Minnesota restaurant on Saturday. Looking back, though, perhaps she should have slapped on a pair of shoulder pads.

Valsvik, reporting for a local NBA affiliate, interviewed the executive chef of Union Restaurant in Minneapolis prior to Saturday’s Vikings-Packers playoff game. She handed the man a football and even encouraged him to toss around the pigskin, a decision we now know set her up for failure.

The chef chucked the rock to a cameraman, who clearly wasn’t content just hauling in the pass. Instead, the cameraman, with yards after the catch on his mind, took off running down the aisle Ultimate Warrior style, completely trucking over the reporter in the process.

Fortunately, Valsivik was OK, as she could be heard yelling such from the ground. But one can’t help but wonder if the Vikings may have fared a little bit better Saturday if the cameraman was paving the way for Adrian Peterson out of the Minnesota backfield.

Check out the tough running in the video below.

A good, old-fashioned first pump to the folks at SportsGrid for pointing out this insanity.

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