MLB Switches From Landline Dugout Phones to Cellphones in T-Mobile Partnership (Photo)


After more than 80 years of using landline phones to call from the dugout to the bullpen, Major League Baseball is switching to cellphones.

As part of a partnership with T-Mobile, MLB is introducing the On-Field Communication System, according to Teams will be calling to the bullpen on Samsung Galaxy S3 phones that use geofencing, which means the phones will only work in the dugout.

Fortunately, for less tech-savvy teams, landline  phones will still remain in the dugout. Teams have the opportunity to opt out of the deal with T-Mobile if they have a conflicting sponsorship with another dealer.

Take a look at the colorful T-Mobile cellphone dock that will be put in dugouts in the photo below.

T-MobilePhoto via Twitter/DarrenRovell

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