New York Jets’ 2012 Miscues Compiled on YouTube, Set to ‘Yakety Sax’ (Video)


It’s been a forgettable season for the New York Jets.

Perhaps the true futility of the team was ironically summed up Friday, with the revelation of head coach Rex Ryan‘s bizarre tattoo featuring his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. But that was just one more (hilarious) piece of a season that has had an ongoing quarterback controversy, locker room strife and botched play after botched play bringing down the Jets this year.

Well, one YouTube user going by smackdown12233 decided to do the right thing, taking a 2012 season’s worth of horrible Jets plays and putting them together in one video. And, as it should be, the entire thing is set to the infamous “Yakety Sax.”

Enjoy in the video below.

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