NHL Owners, NHLPA Appear to Be Making Some Progress, As Proposals Continue to Be Exchanged (Video)


For hockey fans, it’s been a tumultuous few months. One day might bring optimism, while another could slap you in the face with pessimism. Through it all, no deal has been made, and the Jan. 19 date that’s been eyeballed as a potential Opening Day is inching closer.

The good news is that the NHL owners and NHLPA are at least talking, and they’ve exchanged a number of proposals over the last week. So while issues still remain in their labor talks, the two sides appear to be making an effort to ensure there will be an NHL season — something that didn’t seem like a reality a few weeks ago.

So what’s the hold-up on consummating a deal? Sportsnet’s Michael Grange dropped by NESN Daily on Wednesday to discuss where exactly the two sides stand after another day of negotiations. Check it all out in the video above.

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