AJ McCarronFinal, Alabama 42-14: College football is over for the next eight months. AJ McCarron and Alabama were able to repeat.

Don’t worry about the McCarron and Jones drama. Jones cleared the air in an interview after the game when he said those things just happen between the two friends. Jones said there was a disagreement over snap count and that they’re both just perfectionists.

This Alabama dynasty will be something college football fans will talk about forever. It’s interesting that Nick Saban is a Bill Belichick disciple, because they both formed their three-championship dynasties with a win, a year off and two straight wins.

Center Barrett Jones has been a major part of all three teams. He started in 2010 at right guard, 2012 at left tackle and 2013 at center. That kind of versatility will be a major plus as NFL teams look at him this winter for the draft.

In the end, Alabama was the much better team, and SEC and Crimson Tide fans alike can celebrate the victory. The SEC has won seven BCS championships in a row now. That could have been eight, but the BCS chose the undefeated USC and Texas teams over undefeated Auburn in 2005.

Running back Eddie Lacy won the offensive MVP. He went off for 140 yards on 20 carries and a touchdown.

Fourth quarter, 1:07, Alabama 42-14: SEC fans are weird. There’s an “S-E-C” chant going in Sun Life Stadium.

When it comes to national titles, rivalries go out the window.

Fourth quarter, 3:03, Alabama 42-14: The Alabama starters are out. And don’t worry, A.J. McCarron and Barrett Jones shared a big hug and Jones even patted his quarterback on the butt.

Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are about to win their third National Championship in four years.

Fourth quarter, 6:04, Alabama 42-14: Things got a bit testy between AJ McCarron and his roommate center Barrett Jones. McCarron wanted to get the snap off, and Jones forced a delay of game by not snapping it. McCarron got in Jones’ face and the Alabama center gave him a good shove.

Of course, Nick Saban was getting hot on the sideline at the refs as well. All of this was happening as Alabama was up by 28 with seven minutes left. It’s safe to say they’re still taking this game seriously.

Fourth quarter, 7:51, Alabama 42-14: Notre Dame has come within 28 of the national champs. With just under eight minutes left, there’s no chance for a comeback at this point.

There have been scary moments where Louis Nix and Jesse Williams have gone down and appeared injured, but luckily both players have got up and appear fine.

Fourth quarter, 11:27, Alabama 42-7: AJ McCarron is in the zone right now. He’s well on his way to taking home his second straight BCS National Championship Offensive MVP award.

McCarron has completed 20 of 27 passes for 264 yards and four touchdowns. McCarron just tossed a 19-yard touchdown to Amari Cooper as the Crimson Tide went up 42-7.

End third quarter, Alabama 35-7: AJ McCarron might want to think about declaring for the NFL draft. He’s improved leaps and bounds in the past year, and could improve even more with NFL coaching.

Of course, another impressive year at Alabama could just increase his draft stock even more, but he’d have to compete with Teddy Bridgewater to be the No. 1 quarterback taken.

McCarron could afford to add some strength, but Patriots fans saw firsthand that quarterbacks can keep improving arm strength after college. McCarron’s got a quick release and a highly accurate arm.

This Alabama team hasn’t played better all year than they are tonight. It’s clear they’re the best team in college football, but it would have been fun to see them go up against an offensive powerhouse like Oregon.

Third quarter, 4:08, Alabama 35-7: Notre Dame is finally on the board. Everett Golston took it in from two yards out for the Fighting Irish’s first score of the game.

According to Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post, that score broke a 100-minute, 24-second scoreless streak by Alabama in national championship games.

Third quarter, 7:34, Alabama 35-0: Alabama continues to put up some impressive numbers on offense. They went for it on 4th-and-1 and converted with Eddie Lacy, who has 120 yards on the ground now.

AJ McCarron capped off the drive with a 34-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper. McCarron delivered a strike to Cooper, hitting him in stride as he was wide open crossing over the middle of the field.

McCarron is 15-21 with 215 yards and three touchdowns. After playing the SEC all season, this Notre Dame defense is a breeze for McCarron.

Third quarter, 13:11, Alabama 28-0: For some reason Notre Dame keeps trying to attack Dee Milliner. That’s not a wise decision.

Milliner deflected the ball and sophomore Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (yes that’s his real name) came over the top, grabbed the ball and put a toe tap down to seal the interception.

Alabama ball.

Halftime, Alabama 28-0: Nick Saban just gave a very Bill Belichick interview at halftime. That should come as no surprise, as Saban was Belichick’s defensive coordinator in Cleveland.

Unless Alabama comes out flat and Notre Dame comes out firing, this game is all but over.

At one point Manti Te’o was being mocked as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 draft. That was always too high. He’ll likely be a mid-first-round pick in the draft.

Second quarter, :31, Alabama 28-0: It’s time to give AJ McCarron his second ring. He just made a very impressive 27-yard throw to Christion Jones on the right sideline, then checked down to Eddie Lacy for an 11-yard TD. Lacy put an impressive spin move on the Fighting Irish to get into the end zone. Lacy could see his NFL stock improving.

The Crimson Tide are piling it on against Notre Dame. There’s a ton of Notre Dame fans in Miami tonight, some may start filtering out at halftime.

Second quarter, 1:06, Alabama 21-0: Scary moment down on the field as Notre Dame defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore went down with a knee injury. He’s being tended to on the sideline.

Second quarter, 4:10, Alabama 21-0: Notre Dame has failed to convert on every third down so far, and they’re about to punt again.

So while this game is a rout so far, we’ll talk about McCarron’s girlfriend’s Twitter followers. According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, Katherine Webb had 562 followers this morning, now she has 40,766. And that’s increasing by the second.

Second quarter, 6:51, Alabama 21-0: Just as Notre Dame hopes were high because AJ McCarron just barely missed on a deep pass to Amari Cooper, Davonte Neal got tackled at Notre Dame’s own two-yard line on a punt return.

Alabama has all facets of its game going. Their defense has perhaps been the most impressive, but the offense and special teams are right behind.

If anyone was wondering what McCarron’s girlfriend looks, Brent Musberger has been ogling her a few times already. Here’s a screen shot:


Second quarter, 9:29, Alabama 21-0: AJ McCarron was being tended to on the sideline, but Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit said it looked like a cramp for the Alabama quarterback.

McCarron is taking the field again as Notre Dame couldn’t get the ball moving on offense yet again. Crimson Tide defensive tackle Jesse Williams is having an impressive game so far. The Australian will be a first-round pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Second quarter, 11:21, Alabama 21-0: Whoa, Notre Dame was actually able to stop Alabama’s offense. If not for a Cyrus Kouandjio holding penalty, the Crimson Tide would likely still be on the field.

AJ McCarron said he’s coming back to Alabama next year, but this performance against Notre Dame could still be opening NFL eyes. He’s showing great poise in the pocket and has really improved his arm strength some coming to Tuscaloosa. His mechanics are reminiscent of a Manning.

Notre Dame punt returner Davonte’ Neal muffed his punt return and nearly turned the ball over to Alabama. Luckily for the Irish, he knocked it out of bounds.

Second quarter, 13:20, Alabama 21-0: Notre Dame goes for it on 4th-and-5 and Deion Belue high pointed the ball and came up with a brilliant deflection.

That was a risky decision by the Fighting Irish, and if Alabama scores again, it could be ballgame very early. Notre Dame is showing why they were one of the biggest underdogs in BCS National Championship history.

Second quarter, 14:56, Alabama 21-0: The rout is on, ladies and gentlemen. Alabama now leads by three touchdowns and the second quarter has barely begun.

T.J. Yeldon plowed forward for a touchdown behind nose tackle Jesse Williams, who was in at fullback. Notre Dame has quite an uphill battle for the remaining 45 minutes of this game.

End first quarter, Alabama 14-0: Ho hum, Alabama is driving down the field again. A.J. McCarron is 8-for-9 passing with 112 yards and a touchdown so far.

Running back Eddie Lacy has eight carries for 72 yards and a touchdown so far. Right before the end of the first quarter, freshman back T.J. Yeldon looked like he might have dove for a touchdown, though there was no official review.

First quarter, 4:00, Alabama 14-0: We just got our first shot of AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. Play-by-play man Brent Musberger was excited to see her.

First quarter, 4:22, Alabama 14-0: Well, Notre Dame couldn’t come up with any offense even after the call was overturned.

Christion Jones had another adventure while returning punts. That’s really the only negative thing you could say about Alabama’s play so far.

A lot of people were saying Alabama-Oregon would have been the better matchup. A lot of people are right so far.

First quarter, 4:38, Alabama 14-0: The call on the field was appropriately overturned. Notre Dame ball.

First quarter, 6:10, Alabama 14-0: The call on the field is a Tyler Eifert fumble, recovered by Alabama, but it looked like the Notre Dame tight end’s knee was down before the ball came out.

These Pac-12 refs have been a bit shaky so far.  If the call on the field holds up, all the Fighting Irish faithful in Miami will not be happy.

First quarter, 6:14, Alabama 14-0: This one could get ugly early. Of course, that’s what some people were saying on Sunday night when the Redskins were up by the same score at the same point in the game.

The Alabama offensive line may be too much for the Fighting Irish to handle. Chance Warmack, Barrett Jones and D.J. Fluker are among the best linemen in college football.

AJ McCarron keeps flashing his elite accuracy and Eddie Lacy is running like a man possessed. Notre Dame will have to mount a big comeback here, and that’s not easy to do against a Nick Saban defense.

First quarter, 12:03, Alabama 7-0: And just like that, Alabama has taken the early lead on an Eddie Lacy run. The big back ran for 20 yards, plowing through the Irish defense.

Alabama’s defense isn’t as good as it was last year, but that’s not really saying much with the elite talent the Crimson Tide had.

First quarter, 13:13: Alabama came out firing early with quarterback AJ McCarron flashing his impressive arm. He’ll wind up being an underrated NFL prospect due to his reputation as a game manager at Alabama.

Eddie Lacy runs very well for a back his size (6-foot, 240 pounds). He’s got quick feet and sudden moves. His offensive line certainly helps him out as well with several top NFL draft prospects.

8:27 p.m.: Alabama left guard Chance Warmack is letting his belly hang out for this game, with his jersey pulled up as he went out for the coin toss.

Notre Dame won the toss and chose to defer. Surely Alabama fans everywhere are making the joke that that’s the last thing the Irish will win tonight.

7:35 p.m. ET: In one of the most hyped BCS National Championship Games in years, two historic programs match up in what is expected to be a defensive battle.

Manti Te’o and the Notre Dame defense had a tough schedule in 2012 as they went undefeated, but they didn’t have to face off against an offensive line as impressive as Alabama’s. Center Barrett Jones, guard Chance Warmack and tackle D.J. Fluker could all be Day 1 or 2 picks in the 2013 NFL draft. Running backs Eddie Lacy and T.J. Lacy are just two in a long line of dominant Crimson Tide running backs that could prove to be trouble for the Irish defense.

Junior Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron already has one BCS National Championship Game Offensive MVP award under his belt from last year, and he’s only improved since then. McCarron didn’t throw an interception until Alabama’s 10th game this season, and he only had three total.

While Alabama went No. 1 last year, Notre Dame hasn’t taken a national championship back to South Bend since 1988 when Lou Holtz was manning the sideline and Tony Rice was under center. Now the Irish have Chip Kelly and Everett Golson in the same roles as they try to complete the rebuild that their new head coach has brought to Notre Dame.

The game kicks off at 8:30 p.m. ET, so stay on NESN.com to follow along with all the action.