Philippe Coutinho Says He Joined Liverpool Because ‘They Believe in Me and My Football’


January 30, 2013

Philippe CoutinhoShortly after he signed with Liverpool on Wednesday, Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho sat down for an exclusive chat with — and you can read what the midfielder had to say now. Firstly Philippe, welcome to Liverpool Football Club.

Couthinho: Thanks. How does it feel to complete the move?

Couthinho: I’m feeling very happy, it’s a very important step in my career and I’m expecting to come here and play good football to give my contribution on the pitch. What have the past 24 hours been like for you?

Couthinho: It’s been a rush, a lot of medicals and today we finally signed the deal. Now it’s official, I’m the newest Liverpool player. Why did you choose to sign for Liverpool ahead of other clubs?

Couthinho: Liverpool is a great club with great players. We’ve always heard about Liverpool’s history in Brazil. They are the club that have been interested in me and that have showed this interest so I know they believe in me and my football. How much do you know about Liverpool and its history?

Couthinho: It’s a club that fans are always supporting. It’s a great club accustomed to victories and with a lot of good stories in football and I’m hoping to get here and add some more. Have you spoken to Lucas Leiva about Liverpool and what to expect?

Couthinho: I’ve been talking to him for some time and he said good things about Liverpool. He believes this might be a nice club for me and now it’s happening. For Liverpool fans who don’t know much about you and your career, what sort of player are you? How do you like to play?

Couthinho: I’m a player who likes to make moves and to play along with the attack, passing as well as scoring. I like dribbling and playing near to the box — that is a strength I have. Are you confident you’ll be able to adapt to English football?

Couthinho: I’m very confident and excited to come and start to train with the team and be available to the manager. I’ve been playing in Italy for two-and-a-half years and I believe I will adapt with ease here. We know you can play in a few different positions, but which is your favorite?

Couthinho: I always say that players like to play and I’m no different, although I’d rather play near the goal. That is my preferred position. Which of your new teammates are you most looking forward to playing alongside?

Couthinho: They are all great players, I’m happy I’ll play alongside them but not only them, I’m keen to be friends with all of my teammates and be part of the team. How much are you looking forward to playing your first match at Anfield in front of the Liverpool fans?

Couthinho: I’m looking forward to starting training with my new teammates and playing football, which is what I like to do the most. I believe all things will be arranged this week so I can start to train. What are your hopes for the rest of the season with Liverpool?

Couthinho: The objective of all players is to perform well and help the club do the most we can. Win titles and important qualifications — that’s what I hope to do at Liverpool. Would you like to give a message to Liverpool fans?

Couthinho: I’d like to thank all fans that have sent me messages on Twitter. I’m coming here very keen to help the club with my moves and scoring goals to put Liverpool at the top. I just want to say thanks. I’m happy to be signing with a great club and I hope I can give them my contribution.

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