Ravens Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo Rips Patriots for ‘Gimmick’ Offense, Stokes AFC Championship Fire


The fighting words are already being tossed around.

The Patriots weren’t even done finishing off the Texans on Sunday, and Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo was already taking some shots at New England via Twitter.

Ayanbadejo, who has spent the last five seasons with Baltimore, lashed out at the Patriots for what he calls a “gimmick” offense. He said that it’s something he can’t respect, and he even compared the Pats’ no-huddle, hurry-up approach to a cheap shot before a fight.

It looked briefly like Ayanbadejo might save himself by saying that the Patriots’ offense is good enough to be successful without such a gameplan, but any sliver of goodwill he might have gained among Pats fans with that comment quickly vanished when he started making references to Spygate and New England’s 18-1 season.

Oh yeah, and Ayanbadejo tweeted out the video of Bart Scott‘s famous “Can’t wait!” comment following the Jets’ 2010 playoff victory over the Pats. It’s probably safe to say the boys down in Foxboro “can’t wait” to get on the field and square off with Ayanbadejo and the Ravens with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line next Sunday. And although the Patriots probably didn’t need any extra motivation, trying to shut someone up never hurts.

Get ready for a fun week.

Check out some of Ayanbadejo’s controversial tweets below.

Click here to read Ayanbadejo’s apology >>

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