Ray Lewis Gets Emotional Talking About Super Bowl, Guarantees Ravens Win Over 49ers (Video)


Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis was a passionate dude before this year, but these past few weeks have been something else.

Lewis, who missed several weeks of the season with a triceps injury but came back just in time for the playoffs, has been making a regular show of himself each week. Covered in football war paint, screaming his way out of the tunnel or firing up his teammates on the field, Lewis has ratcheted up the emotion meter. And that’s not even including his tearful national anthem moments, fiery postgame speeches or Scripture-filled interviews.

Lewis — or some form of him — was invited over to the Weekend Update desk for Saturday Night Live this weekend, and he did not disappoint. He had a great tale about obeying God and not men on his way in (which led to him ending up in a ditch), and he even had an inspirational (if not accurate) story about how the Rockefeller Center skating rink came to be.

Most endearing was that the hyperbole is oh-so-close to the lengths that Lewis has gone this postseason.

Check out Kenan Thompson and Seth Meyers in the clip below for a great Lewis impression — and a forecast of Sunday’s game.

Photo of the Day

Looks like the Pro Bowl sun is getting to Reggie Wayne.

Reggie Wayne

Quote of the Day

“Number one, he’s the commissioner of our league, but number two … there’s no better place in the world to host events like this, and I mean that…. I think that all eyes are on you, and now the impression is very important. I think we, as a city, embrace everyone, and part of closure for us is moving past it.”
— Sean Payton, telling the city of New Orleans to behave no matter how much it doesn’t like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

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An excuse note from Tigers closer Phil Coke? OK.

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A fitting tip of the cap to Stan Musial, one of baseball’s greats (skip to the 4:14 mark).

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