Report: Braves Considering Change to Batting Practice Hats After ‘Screaming Indian’ Logo Controversy (Photo)


BravesThe Braves drew fire last week after unveiling a controversial new batting practice hat, but the ensuing uproar may have driven the team to reconsider.

According to UniWatch’s Paul Lukas, who first reported on the MLB teams’ new hats for 2013, Atlanta might ditch the “Screaming Indian” hats that were planned after a public uproar over the possible racist nature of the hats.

While the Braves never officially committed to the new design, Lukas claims that any change at this point would be a reactionary one in response to the backlash, no matter how the team and MLB spins it.

The “yelling brave” logo, which has been around since 1957, first appeared on the team’s jerseys in 1966 and was removed in 1971. However, with plans to bring it back in 2013, the present-day sensibilities surrounding the use of Native American imagery are a little different than ones in the 1950s and ’60s.

Photo via ESPN/UniWatch

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