Rex Ryan’s Tattoo Has Work to Do Before Joining Ranks of All-Time Best Athlete Ink (Photos)


Rex Ryan, Chris AndersenRex Ryan is an interesting guy, to say the least.

The New York Daily News tracked down the Jets’ head coach during his vacation, and when the paper snapped some photos of Ryan, discovered a unique tattoo on his arm.

Apparently, Ryan has a tat of what appears to be his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey — and little else.

While the ink might be a bit of a surprise for a middle-aged football coach to have, tattoos are certainly nothing that athletes bat an eyelash at these days. Whether writing out  bible verses, inspirational sayings or even pictures of former Presidents, there are plenty of incredible tattoos out there in the world of sports.

While Ryan’s might be the latest sports-related tattoo to make its way into the headlines, it certainly won’t be the last. In the meantime, New York’s loudest coach has some work to do before measuring up to the best of the best of athlete ink.

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