Robert Griffin IIIMike Shanahan‘s decision to keep Robert Griffin III in the Seahawks-Redskins game Sunday night will likely be dissected until the 2013 season begins. Griffin didn’t look 100 percent to start the game, but he was healthy enough to keep the offense going and score two touchdowns against the Seahawks’ defense.

During the first quarter, though, it was obvious that Griffin re-aggravated his knee injury, and he was limping much more noticeably afterwards. He left the field to get his knee checked on, then remained in the game until the fourth quarter. The decision to keep him in eventually led to what looked like a more severe knee injury, and the Redskins didn’t score after his knee got re-injured.

Shanahan said later that Griffin told him he was “hurting, but not injured,” according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post. Griffin told the media after the game that he felt he could help the team despite his knee injury and, if Shanahan had told him to come out of the game, he would have gone right back out onto the field.