Roger Goodell Says Touchdown Celebrations Get Reviewed by NFL Competition Committee Every Year


Roger GoodellRoger Goodell took time out of his busy pre-Super Bowl schedule to hold an AMA, or ask me anything, on Reddit Monday afternoon.

The commish avoided questions like “If Jonathan Vilma and a dog were trapped in a car on fire and you could only save one of them, what would you name the dog?” from Reddit user vitey15, but he did tackle some controversial issues.

One question Goodell did choose to answer was whether the league would consider allowing more extensive touchdown celebrations.

“This rule gets reconsidered by our Competition Committee every year,” Goodell wrote. “We think we have a good balance between sportsmanship and natural enthusiasm. We want the players to be able to celebrate without taunting the opponents and causing a retaliation.

I’d be interested to see how other fans feel: do we want more?”

Not surprisingly, Reddit users were fairly unanimous in wanting more elaborate celebrations.

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