There will be plenty of adjustments for players as the NHL season starts. They’ll have to face a shortened season, a shortened training camp, and they’ll have to get back in game shape fast. But for Shawn Thornton, the biggest adjustment is easy to understand: he hasn’t been punched in the face for nine months.

Thornton said the physical nature of the game will be the toughest adjustment to make after sitting at home since the 2011-12 season ended. Thornton was among the NHL players that didn’t play overseas.

Thornton said it was tough to be away from the game and that he faced, “the ebbs and flows; the highs and lows” during the lockout. His first reaction to finding out from teammate Andrew Ference that the lockout was over was, “thank God, it’s about time.”

Watch the video above to hear the Bruins enforcer talk to NESN’s Naoko Funayama about the end of the lockout.