‘Te’oing’ Meme Goes Viral on Social Media After Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Revealed As Hoax (Photos)


Te'oingManti Te’o’s girlfriend is not real.

That fact hit the Internet like a ton of bricks on Wednesday afternoon, and it was not long before the web took said bricks and built something entirely new — but equally ridiculous — with them.

The end product is something called “Te’oing,” a nod to the “Tebowing,” “Kaepernicking” and “Griffining” poses that have also graced the Interwebs in recent times. The key to this one, unsurprisingly, is to pose with one’s imaginary girlfriend (or boyfriend) for a photo. Of course, the photos are usually accompanied by a snarky caption about how good-looking the invisible person is.

While the ridiculousness of the situation mounts around Te’o, Notre Dame and many others caught in the crossfire, Te’oing is certainly good for a laugh or two. After all, if we can’t laugh at this situation, we’re probably going to have to cry.

Click here to see photos of “Te’oing” in action >>

Photo via Twitter/@ZombieCleFan45

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