Tim Tebow on Everyone’s Minds After Peyton Manning, Broncos Come Up Short Against Ravens


Very few intelligent Tim Tebow supporters will ever try to argue that he is a great quarterback. Instead, they will use terms like “winner” to talk about his success on the field even as his passes wobble and dive.

A real quarterback, after all, is Peyton Manning, who knows more about pigskin threading and perfect completions than any human who has ever lived. Manning has broken all kinds of NFL records, posted some of the best regular seasons in the league and will go down as one of the most mechanically sound passers to ever play the game.

There’s just one problem with Manning, though — he has trouble in the playoffs. While he did win one Super Bowl with Indianapolis, he has fallen short far more times, most notably when the Patriots stepped over him on their way to dynastic reaches in the early 2000s.

If a caricature could be made of a great NFL quarterback who struggles to win, it would be Manning. And if a caricature could be made of a poor NFL quarterback who somehow comes out on top, it would be Tebow.

How lucky that they’ve both played in Denver in the past two years.

Manning, who has come back from what looked like a career-ending neck injury, now has more than just the usual boo-birds to battle through as he stares at his career stats and wonders why he has so much trouble come playoff time. He’s now being held up next to demigod Tebow, and for good reason — it was because of Denver leadership’s unbelief in Tebow, and courtship of Manning, that Tebow lost his job with the Broncos, setting up Manning’s eventual collapse against the Ravens in Saturday’s game.

Any solid NFL fan knows that Manning is a great quarterback and that, while he’s prone to poor interceptions in big games, he’s the guy to go with in most scenarios. But the fact that Tebow, for all his gaping faults as a player, still managed to have a little more success with the Broncos and in the playoffs (in his short tenure) than Manning is fascinating.

And, of course, there’s this thing called Twitter, where the entire known world decided to start comparing the two on Saturday night.

So, Peyton Manning, put your MVP awards aside for a moment. For today — and perhaps the entire offseason — you are going to have to tell people why you’re not as good as Tim Tebow. We have provided a sampling from this morning (with the misspelling fans lending a special credibility to the truth of the matter):

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