Tim Tebow Shows Up at Sugar Bowl, Endures Familiar Feeling of Seeing Humiliating Loss From Sidelines


Tim Tebow, America’s sweetheart for the 2011-12 football season, has seen his world turned upside down this season. Apparently, the season of misery for the most popular backup of all time continues beyond the NFL season.

Before he was grabbing headlines in the NFL for doing just about everything but playing good football, Tebow, of course, was a living legend at the University of Florida. The former Gator was one of the best college football players of all time.

Naturally, Tebow is still close to his alma mater and with the Jets’ absence from this year’s playoffs, Tebow has some free time on his hands. So he headed to New Orleans on Wednesday for the Sugar Bowl between Florida and Louisville.

Assuming a familiar position (on the sidelines), Tebow saw his team suffer a familiar fate (a crushing loss). The No. 3 Gators were trounced by the Cardinals 33-23, an embarrassing effort for a Florida team that was a two-touchdown favorite coming into the game.

But hey, at least Tebow got a chance to catch up with his (apparently) good buddy, ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.

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