Tyler Hansbrough, Jared SullingerThe Celtics will shrug their shoulders over the flagrant foul called against Kevin Garnett in Friday night’s win over the Pacers. They won, after all, whether Garnett was trying to teach Tyler Hansbrough‘s face a lesson or not.

But Hansbrough wasn’t too thrilled with the forearm to his snout, going so far as to reopen the discussion of whether the tough and scrappy Garnett is a dirty player.

“I guess that’s his game plan,” Hansbrough said of Garnett to The Boston Globe. “That’s how he plays. Definitely thought it was cheap, though.”

Hansbrough is no stranger to tough knocks. He’s had his share of them in the NBA, where he’s had to carve out a much more physical game than he was used to as a college star in the ACC (although he got the smack of ages against rival Duke).

After a game that didn’t have much left to be decided, Hansbrough’s words likely won’t do much damage. But if he really wants to see what Garnett’s game looks like, he has effectively asked for it.