Tyler Seguin’s Shootout Attempt Interrupted by Well-Flung Hot Dog (Video)


That piece of trash that almost took away Tyler Seguin‘s shootout goal on Tuesday night? It turns out it was a hot dog.

While many of those watching the end of the Bruins’ solid shootout win over the Devils knew that something got tossed onto the ice when Seguin made his run at the goal, it took the trained professionals to slow down the video enough to glimpse just exactly what the flying object was. Thanks to slow motion, the outline of a hot dog can clearly be seen.

Bruins fans can enjoy the humor of the situation now, as Boston ended up winning, but it almost wasn’t funny for a minute. The officials disallowed the first goal due to the fan interference, although the hot dog landed behind the Devils’ goalkeeper, and Seguin had to take another attempt. He made that one, too, meaning he was 2-for-2 on shootout goals for the night, hot dogs or not.

The hosts of Dennis and Callahan also had thoughts on the situation. Hear what they had to say, and check out the slow motion catch of the flying hot dog — or is it a sausage? — in the video above.

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