Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers Share Awkward Handshake at NFL Honors Awards Show (Video)


February 3, 2013

In the years since Brett Favre moved on from Green Bay and eventually retired (with pit stops in New York and Minnesota), it’s been discovered that the relationship between the legendary quarterback and his successor, Aaron Rodgers, was bristly at best.

That’s surely why the NFL put the two former MVPs together to present the AP Comeback Player of the Year award at the NFL Honors 2013 show. The two did a bit where Favre mentioned how much people love to see a great player come back (like Favre did so many times from “retirement”) and Rodgers replied that “some people wish that great players would just retire and stay retired.”

After sharing a handshake, Favre went in for the hug, Rodgers dismissed it and said what we were all thinking, “That was awkward.” The Packer and former Packer showed off impressive senses of humor for a pair of athletes in the bit, and Favre’s acting chops have definitely improved since he had a cameo in There’s Something About Mary.

Watch Favre and Rodgers awkwardly interact in the video below.

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