Bruins Public Address Announcer Kelly Malone Argues for Hockey on Elizabeth Banks’ Website


Kelly MaloneFemale public address announcers are a rarity among the four major North American sports, but the Bruins’ Kelly Malone is clearly one of the best — regardless of gender.

Nonetheless, Malone does have a unique perspective on the sports world, so perhaps that’s why actress Elizabeth Banks invited Malone to do some guest blogging on her website, For the record, Malone had been writing for the site as far back as 2010, but her contributions have been sporadic — until Monday, anyway.

Earlier this week, Malone penned a piece for Banks titled “Why Hockey is the Greatest Sport!” Unsurprisingly, it’s basically an argument for why hockey is awesome — and, moreover, a response to skeptics — listing reasons like the fast pace of play and even the fighting. Malone even shows off her 2011 Stanley Cup ring on the blog.

With Malone’s piece, however, Banks herself writes an editor’s note highlighting her own hockey past. Apparently she not only used to be the statistician for her “state champion” high school hockey team, but dated the captain, as well.

Photo via Twitter/Kelly Malone

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