Cheerleader Nails Halfcourt Basketball Shot on Senior Night With Flip and Soccer-Style Throw-In (Video)


Forget all those arguments about whether cheerleading is a sport, or whether it belongs in the world of sports. What Ashlee Arnau, a cheerleader at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Miss., did on Thursday night should make all athletes pause and wonder what they’ve done on the court/pitch/field lately.

Arnau has been trying a special halfcourt shot at every home basketball game this year since Christmas, according to Yahoo! Sports. The move involves her doing a forward flip and heaving the ball at the hoop with a soccer-type throw-in motion.

Thursday night marked the final home game for William Carey. Arnau, who also plays on the school’s soccer team, tried the shot one more time — and nailed it.

Check out what may be the best halfcourt shot ever in the video below.

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