Nick FolesChip Kelly‘s tenure in Philadelphia has just begun, which means Nick Foles‘ time should be coming to a close very shortly.

Kelly is expected to run a read-option offensive system with the Eagles, much like he did at Oregon, all but eliminating Foles, a 6-foot-6 pocket passer, from the team’s starting quarterback job. The starting job is now expected to play out between incumbent starter Michael Vick and the newly signed, and former Oregon Duck, Dennis Dixon.

Unlike Vick and Dixon, Foles has no experience running option offenses. His monstrous frame and lack of mobility likely wouldn’t make for a very good option quarterback anyhow. So, without some of the key skills that Kelly will be seeking in a quarterback for his system, Foles’ best bet at a full-time NFL gig may lie elsewhere around the league.

With no fit for Foles in Philly, Andy Reid, the coach who drafted the quarterback in the third round last year, appears to be the most likely trade partner. But while rumors began to spread that Reid planned to bring Foles in as the Chiefs’ new starting quarterback, the Eagles have since fired back claiming to be looking for a king’s ransom in return.

Maintaining a certain facade about keeping Foles will drive up the price for potential suitors, like Reid, but the indication that Kelly actually plans to keep him in house is ludicrous. Foles has no business even competing to run Kelly’s offense, and with Vick and Dixon already in tow there’s really no reason to keep him around any longer.

Foles developed into a solid starter in his seven-game stint at quarterback this season. He completed 61 percent of his passes and scored seven times (six passing, one rushing) compared to just five interceptions. He went just 1-6 during his tenure under center in Philly, but he improved with each passing week and seemed to adapt to the speed of the NFL game —  a trait many teams should find very attractive.

Foles could bring back a decent haul for an Eagles team expecting to compete for the NFC East crown again next season. He may not warrant a first-round pick like the Eagles are apparently asking for, but something similar to the return they got for Kevin Kolb — a second-round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie — could be in the works.

Even if Foles merely brings back a second- or third-round draft choice, the Eagles would be silly not to make a deal. If he’s not going to be the starter, then Foles value is likely at its peak right now. He will generate some interest from teams around the league and, with plenty of holes left to fill this offseason, the Eagles would be foolish not to move him.

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