Condoleezza Rice Hits Spectator With Ball at Pebble Beach, Says Diplomacy Easier for Her Than Golf


Condoleezza Rice has spent more time golfing since her days as secretary of state ended. But she may have thought to work on her game earlier if she knew she could get people’s attention this well.

Rice played in a pro-am at Pebble Beach on Thursday, her biggest public event since becoming one of the first women to be admitted as a member of Augusta National. She combined with Jason Bohn for a 2-under 70. Her approach on the sixth, though, was what really turned heads.

Rice was on a steep hill with no clear sight to the hole when she let her approach fly, and she nailed a spectator on the forehead. The wound “gushed with blood and sent [the spectator] to the ground to recover,” according to The Associated Press.

Rice made sure to get the spectator’s phone number and apologize, and the woman who was struck recovered enough to be walking the course later and not need stitches.

Rice admitted that, while she can play golf, it’s still not exactly her forte.

“Somebody asked me, ‘How did it compare to diplomacy?’” she said after completing her round. “And I said, ‘Well, I know how to do diplomacy. I’m not sure about the golf course.’”

Rice’s game suffered a bit after the errant shot, but an already impressed cadre of fellow golfers left with the feeling that Rice can find her way around with a golf club when needed. That’s something for the rest of the world to keep in mind.

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