If you have no idea what the Harlem Shake craze is all about, or if you hate what the Harlem Shake craze is all about, you should probably stop reading now.

If you do know what they are, and you aren’t sick of them yet, you’re probably not even reading this, and you’ve already hit “Play” on the YouTube video below by now.

If for some reason you’re still reading, here’s some background information. The Ferris State (that’s in Michigan, for those keeping score at home) club hockey team recently tried their hand at the Harlem Shake craze that is taking the Internet by storm.

And while the Clubdawgs (1993-94 DII national champions) are only 3-13-1-1 this season, they should be applauded for this on-ice work.

Check out their creation in the video below, with a stick tap to Yahoo’s Greg Wyshynski, who tweeted the link out Wednesday morning.