Football Gets Downton Abbey Treatment With ‘What If All the NFL Logos Were British?’ (Photos)


The Stonking Tweety Birds faced off across the pitch from Those Dastardly Nugget Nabbers, but their tilt wasn’t nearly as exhilarating as when the Snoopy Little Blighters took the Jolly Good Biters into stoppage time a fortnight ago.

Having a blooming great look? Well, a good time can be had by all if someone could just get the NFL to adopt these creative names for its 32 teams.

David Rappoccio has gone the extra mile on his blog, Dave’s Art Locker, and made up new team names and logos for every member of the NFL. While some are just adaptations of current team names — try the Buckingham Buccaneers for the Tampa team — some get pretty creative. The Patriots are now Those in Her Majesty’s Service, while Washington’s squad is called Delightful Chums We Had a Tendency to Oppress. True to form, Rappoccio has three special versions for the Browns, including one resembling a toilet, because you really can’t make enough jokes about Cleveland, and especially not ones that don’t reference a toilet.

While Rappoccio will certainly get his share of flak for taking an easy swipe at Brit-speak (and the many monocles being worn by the various mascots, since English people still wear monocles), it’s still an entertaining way to imagine American football. Check out the smashing good job on Dave’s blog.

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