French U-17 Ninja Goalkeeper Lands Gut-Wrenching Kick to Opponent’s Nether Regions (Video)


It seems as though this goalkeeper has been watching too many Bruce Lee movies lately.

In a so-called friendly game between French U-17 squads AS Villaret and S.O.M., Villaret goalkeeper ventured out of his box to cut off an opposing striker’s scoring threat.  However instead of going for the ball, the keeper launches himself into mid-air and plants his cleat directly into the man’s nether regions. Woof.

A sideline video camera captured the goalie’s airborne ninja attack, which left the S.O.M. striker writhing in agony on the ground while his teammates looked on in disbelief.

Reports did not specify whether the striker was able to return to the field after the malicious collision, but speculation would suggest that his voice is now much higher.

Check out the excruciating slow-motion video below at your own risk.

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